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The “year of efficiency,”

Six Applications, One Ecosystem

People are being asked to do more with less in 2024, making it the “year of efficiency”. AI-FLOW PRO is a digital ecosystem hosting six AI-powered applications to achieve just that. With our apps we automate repetitive and administrative work and make it up to 30% faster and more efficient. Our apps are very easy to use and help your employees to tackle time consuming and repetitive workloads, saving hours a week.

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The “year of efficiency”, 2024


  • 15% of time in company time is spend on meetings
  • 50% of employees consider meetings wasted time
  • 89% of employees complain about “ineffective or poorly organized meetings”


  • Employees spend up to 8.8 hours a week on email
  • 45% have missed something (like a deadline, a meeting, etc.) because they didn’t read an important email.
  • 50% of emails in inboxes are averaged to be not relevant to employees, yet clogging their inbox.
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